FynomAbs with Tailored Architectures

Bi- and trispecific FynomAbs are generated by genetically fusing human Fynomer binding proteins to antibodies, resulting in therapeutics with novel modes of action and enhanced efficacy in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. The ability to fuse Fynomers to multiple sites on an antibody allows Covagen to create FynomAbs with tailored architectures to maximize efficacy. By using our FynomAb® technology, Covagen can turn any antibody into a bi- or trispecific FynomAb.


Covagen is developing a portfolio of bispecific FynomAbs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. Covagen’s research focuses on FynomAbs with tailored architectures and enhanced efficacy:

CD3 Bispecifics

Covagen’s bispecific FynomAbs targeting CD3 on T-cells and a tumor antigen of choice redirect T-cells to kill tumor cells. We discovered FynomAbs with tailored architectures and optimal tumor cell killing properties.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Covagen aims at discovering new strategies for cancer immuno-modulation.

Trispecific FynomAbs

FynomAb technology allows straightforward and efficient creation of tri-specific FynomAbs with similar production yield as achieved with monoclonal antibodies.